Movie Under the Moon Showing of “Hook” in Dogue Creek Village a Huge Hit with Residents!

Over 125 Dogue Creek residents joined us on Friday, August 26, for a special Movie Under the Moon event featuring an outdoor showing of Hook at the green space located at the end of Barlow Road in Dogue Creek Village.

Families joined us starting at 7:30 when the “Peace, Love, and Ice Cream” truck loaded with free ice cream treats began handing out free treats to residents.  Kids and adults alike enjoyed ice cream while taking advantage of the beautiful weather to play on the playground, shoot a few baskets at the basketball court, or simply sit and talk with neighbors and friends.

In keeping with the movie’s pirate theme, residents came to the event dressed as  pirates with $5 Cold Stone Creamery gift cards given to any “pirates” who joined in on the fun!  The movie started at 8:30 with cheers from the crowd as families seated on blankets and chairs enjoyed popcorn and candy.

Included below are a few pictures from the event where smiles and fun ruled in Dogue Creek Village that night!

Together with our valued Dogue Creek Village residents, we look forward to the many more events planned in Dogue Creek Village in the upcoming weeks!

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